Matt Jiggins


Personal statements are always difficult to write. This is my attempt at describing what I'm looking for. If you're looking for a classic biography click here.

I have worked for some great people, visionary leaders, meaningful and principaled organizations. Where I go next needs to follow in these footsteps.

The best way to know what I can do is by looking at this site, and talking to me. I have never needed to apply for a job in my entire life, work has always found me, and we've just become friends.

Where I am.

In 2007, after a decade in "classic" IT management with a progressive Canadian political party, I decided to setup a web / technology consulting business focused on non-Profits and Higher Education. Since 2007 I have had a very successful freelance business. My primary client is Continuing Professional Development at the University of Toronto. Working with a single large client has enabled me to help them deliver some really innovative solutions: WordPress network with over 89 sites; NodeJS API linked to their Event Management System; functional, mobile-friendly websites.

Where I want to be.

For the past 8 years I have been creating, designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining websites solo, with occasional designer-developer assistance. As technologies advance it has become more difficult remain the expert generalist. My curious and adventerous mind makes me constantly engage with personal development projects, conferences, and self-directed learning. I now want to leave my solo-freelance career to work with other developers, designers, intelligent and creative people.

What I'm really looking for.

You could be a creative agency with incredible clients; a startup with a great idea and fantastic talent; a non-profit trying to save the world from itself. My only requirement is that you're passionate about your work. When I'm working for you, I'm passionate about what you do.

OK, but give me a for instance.

You need a developer, designer, feature owner who understands that this stuff has to ship, and that it must be used and understood by real people.

Me in one sentence:

I am the geek with a creative mind, and a creative mind with a developer's sense of order.